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Step into a world of mesmerizing nostalgia with 'Iconic The Show'! This sensational live extravaganza masterfully resurrects the legends of music and pop culture. From the moonwalk of Michael Jackson to the avant-garde brilliance of Lady Gaga, and the timeless allure of Madonna and Queen, the stage pulsates with their essence. But the magic doesn't stop there. Witness Cleopatra's Egypt come alive with electric energy, revel in Andy Warhol's pop art era, and relive Marilyn Monroe's golden age glamour. Embark on a journey through iconic landmarks, including the dazzling Vegas strip. With breathtaking vocalists, gravity-defying cirque acts, razor-sharp dancers, and more, 'Iconic The Show' is an unmissable ode to cultural immortality.

"As one of Mission Entertainment Co.'s grandest and most exhilarating productions to date, 'Iconic The Show' stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering unforgettable entertainment experiences."

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