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The Mission Master Course by Mission Entertainment Co. embodies a profound commitment to nurturing and empowering emerging and established artists. The driving force behind Mission Entertainment Co.'s directors lies in their desire to create and give back to the artistic community. This dynamic program has seen the successful completion of four intensive 6-month courses within Australia. The studio doors open three times a week from 9 am to 5 pm, inviting pre-professional and professional performers to dive into a comprehensive training experience.

Under the expert guidance of Mission Directors Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett, as well as industry-leading professionals, participants immerse themselves in the world of performing arts and entertainment. This curriculum embraces a myriad of disciplines, from ALL dance styles to aerial arts, modeling, singing, acting, audition preparation, injury prevention, mental health, mindset cultivation, mock auditions, fitness, specialty acts, and beyond.

Each course culminates in the creation of a professional production, showcasing the remarkable growth and skill acquisition of the participants.


The reach of the Mission Master Course extends beyond Australian borders, with global WORKSHOPS offering dancers and performers a condensed yet immersive one-to-two-day experience. These workshops grant an invaluable glimpse into the core of the program.

Mission Entertainment Co.'s visionary approach extends to preparing young artists for the industry. Their directors' mentorship is marked by inspiration, guidance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The emphasis is not only on honing artistic prowess but also on cultivating professionalism and castability. Graduates of the Mission Master Course have triumphantly secured contracts across the globe, enriching the ranks of prestigious entities like ROYAL CARIBBEAN, Universal Studios, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruise Line, Movie World Abu Dhabi, NCL Cruise, Disneyland, and many more.

As Mission Entertainment Co.'s creative forces traverse the world, opportunities abound for studios, professional courses, universities, and private coaching to partner with the Mission Master Course. For those who seek a transformative experience in the realm of performing arts, this program is an avenue to uncover boundless potential, receive elite mentorship, and step onto a trajectory of success. The Mission Master Course stands as a testament to Mission Entertainment Co.'s unwavering dedication to shaping the stars of tomorrow and revolutionizing the world of entertainment. Contact us to embark on this transformative journey and connect with a powerhouse that propels performers toward their dreams.

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