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Mission Entertainment Co. Launches Groundbreaking Mission Master Course: Empowering Artists Globally

Australia, January 2021

Mission Entertainment Co. is thrilled to announce the continuation and expansion of its acclaimed Mission Master Course, a visionary program dedicated to nurturing and empowering emerging and established artists. This dynamic initiative underscores Mission Entertainment Co.’s profound commitment to the artistic community, blending expert mentorship with comprehensive training to forge the stars of tomorrow.

Since its inception, the Mission Master Course has successfully completed four intensive 6-month sessions in Australia, with studio doors open three times a week from 9 am to 5 pm. The course is designed for pre-professional and professional performers, providing a transformative training experience that spans a myriad of disciplines, including all dance styles, aerial arts, modeling, singing, acting, audition preparation, injury prevention, mental health, mindset cultivation, mock auditions, fitness, specialty acts, and more.

Under the expert tutelage of Mission Directors Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett, alongside a roster of industry-leading professionals, participants are immersed in a holistic performing arts curriculum. Each course culminates in a professional production, showcasing the remarkable growth and skill acquisition of its participants.

Expanding its global footprint, the Mission Master Course now offers one-to-two-day global workshops, providing dancers and performers around the world a condensed yet immersive experience into the heart of the program. These workshops are designed to offer invaluable insights and a taste of the transformative journey that the full course entails.

“Mission Entertainment Co. is dedicated to preparing young artists for the industry with a vision that transcends boundaries,” said Dale Molloy, Co-Director of Mission Entertainment Co. “Our approach is rooted in inspiration, guidance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, focusing not only on honing artistic talent but also on cultivating professionalism and marketability.”

Graduates of the Mission Master Course have gone on to secure prestigious contracts with renowned entities such as ROYAL CARIBBEAN, Universal Studios, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruise Line, Movie World Abu Dhabi, NCL Cruise, Disneyland, and many others. This success underscores the program’s impact in shaping well-rounded, industry-ready performers.

Mission Entertainment Co. is also open to collaborations with studios, professional courses, universities, and private coaching, inviting partners to join in the mission of shaping the future of entertainment. For those eager to embark on a transformative journey in the performing arts, the Mission Master Course offers an unparalleled opportunity to unlock potential, receive elite mentorship, and step onto a path of success.

How Do I Become a Part of the Mission Master Course?

Join us to embark on this transformative journey. Contact Mission Entertainment Co. today to connect with a powerhouse dedicated to propelling performers toward their dreams. Discover how you can become part of a program that is revolutionizing the world of entertainment.

Contact Information:

Mission Entertainment Co. Email:

About Mission Entertainment Co.

Mission Entertainment Co. is committed to redefining the standards of training and performance in the entertainment industry. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and empowerment, Mission Entertainment Co. stands as a beacon for aspiring artists worldwide, dedicated to shaping the future of performing arts.

About Mission Entertainment Co Creatives Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett:

Established in 2018 by power couple Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett: Visionary Co-Creators and Maestros of Entertainment

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and the stage becomes a canvas for breathtaking performances that defy convention. Meet Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett, the dynamic duo behind Mission Entertainment, a revolutionary powerhouse that has redefined the very essence of entertainment. With an impressive legacy as co-creators, producers, choreographers, and dancers, Dale and Adrian have seamlessly blended their unparalleled expertise to become luminaries in their field.

Both Dale and Adrian boast a wealth of experience as consummate professional performers, having graced countless stages with their awe-inspiring talents. However, their journey took an exhilarating turn when they harnessed their collective knowledge and artistic brilliance to establish Mission Entertainment. With innovation as their guiding star, they have breathed life into a kaleidoscope of immersive experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

Mission Entertainment stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication and extraordinary vision. Their shows transcend boundaries, fusing cutting-edge choreography, heart-stirring narratives, and mind-bending visuals. Each production is a symphony of emotions, a masterpiece meticulously crafted to transport spectators into realms unexplored.

As trailblazers, Dale and Adrian have not only elevated the art of entertainment but also crafted a legacy of excellence. Their shows are not mere performances; they are transformative journeys that leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to witness them. With a global footprint, Mission Entertainment has graced stages across continents, connecting cultures and hearts through the universal language of creativity.

Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett are not just leaders in their field; they are pioneers who have harnessed their boundless passion to redefine the very essence of entertainment. With every mesmerizing step and breathtaking spectacle, they continue to shape the future of the industry, inviting us all to join them on an extraordinary odyssey through the world of Mission Entertainment.


Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett stand as visionary pioneers in the realm of entertainment, crafting a legacy that harmonizes their roles as co-creators, producers, choreographers, and dancers. With a wealth of professional experience etched into their journey, they have seamlessly woven their expertise into the tapestry of Mission Entertainment Co. Embarking on a relentless quest for innovation, they traverse the global stage, igniting awe with each new spectacle.

At the heart of their creative engine lies an unrivaled devotion, breathing life into every project they undertake. From the ethereal inception of concepts to the intricate crafting of costumes and choreography, Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett encapsulate the essence of originality. Their stage productions and cabarets shimmer with a unique brilliance, complemented by the visionary marvel of LED screen creations and groundbreaking techniques that redefine industry norms.

Beyond the limelight, their fervor finds another avenue of expression in the Mission Master Course. Guiding aspiring artists, they orchestrate a symphony of training encompassing dance, aerial arts, and audition mastery. Yet, the canvas extends further, nurturing the very core of their students' being, fostering mindset and confidence to unlock innate potentials. Dale and Adrian's indomitable spirit resonates, illuminating the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

Mission Entertainment Co. serves as more than a production house; it stands as a nurturing ground for talent. Artists at Mission, their brainchild talent agency, orchestrates a symphony of opportunities, binding artists with global stages and fellow entertainment giants. Dale Molloy and Adrian Bennett's legacy unfolds as an intricate mosaic of artistry, passion, and mentorship, leaving an indelible mark on the world's stage.

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