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"Journey through the captivating history of the Showgirl, from the gaslit music halls of 19th-century Paris to modern-day spectacles worldwide. These early Showgirls in Montmartre embodied grace and style, bedecked in feathers and sequins, creating harmonious performances that set the stage for a timeless tradition.

Paris, birthplace of the Showgirl, witnessed their iconic allure on stages like the Folies Bergère and Pigalle cabarets, where artists like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec immortalized their elegance.

The Showgirl legacy transcended borders, finding new homes in Berlin's cabaret scene and London's West End, captivating audiences with sophistication and spectacle.

Today, Showgirls continue to enchant global stages, from Las Vegas to Tokyo. La Showgirl, brought to life by Mission Entertainment Co and Class Act Creative, pays homage to this rich history. Join us for an unforgettable night celebrating the enduring allure, beauty, and elegance of Showgirls. From 19th-century Paris to dazzling global stages, we honor their timeless legacy in a bedazzled wonderland of lust, wonder, and pure showmanship."

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